Facilitating our inner Drum Circle

#4 Work With What They Give You

In a Drum Circle we try to stay open for what happens in the moment. We try to use our radar to notice what people bring to the circle, how the common groove is developing and where it is heading. You might want to showcase a musical dialogue or a melody that appears. Maybe someone is playing culturally specific rhythms or someone is vocalising or dancing. There might be someone struggling to hold the drum or keep the beat. Maybe someone steps into the middle trying to take your role.

We all know these situations and the wonderful opportunities they provide. A chance to be surprised, opening the doors for something new and unknown. A great chance to enable the group to develop their unique style of playing together.

How can we apply all this to facilitating our inner Drum Circle?

The Inner Drum Circle #4 Work with what they give you


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#4 Work With What They Give You
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