Facilitating our inner Drum Circle

December 11th | 20:00 CET | Online | in cooperation with Ray Watters from drumwithus

Ray Watters has opened his gathering space again and invited me to share the concept about how we can use the principles of Drum Circle Facilitation for selfcare and personal development.

An really inspiring evening, also for Ray and me. Thankful for all the sharings of the participants from all over the world.

One of the feedbacks:

Hello Helga and Ray,
this is Giorgia from Italy. I want to thank you both, I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday meeting. I really appreciate both the great idea of the Inner Drum Circle and your willingness to put your time and effort to share it for free.
I believe it is a very direct and simple way to mindfully know myself better and then be able to bring balance where it is needed. I love it, brilliant! I am honored to having the chance of learning from you all.
Love, in rhythm,

Giorgia www.cerchiodipercussioni.it
11. Dezember 2020 | When Drummers Gather
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